Hi, I’m Alicia Hechavarría

Being a Films actress is a dream come true. I am Always in search of challenging roles in Dramas or Comedies that will allow me the opportunity to growth as an actress.

Alicia Hechavarría started her career at 17 years old, with the film “Ciudad en Rojo” (2009) directed by Rebeca Chávez. Since then, she has been working with the most important directors of the New Films Movement in Cuba. The film “Fábula” (2011), directed by Lester Hamlet, defined the path she wanted to pursue on her career; being a films actress. Alicia’s father, Fernando Hechavarría, is an established Cuban actor. Known for multiple television series like “Tierra Brava” and films like “Regreso a Itaca” (2014), directed by Laurent Cante; Fernando is Alicia’s biggest inspiration. – Daniel Machado


National Art School (ENA)

Bachelor Degree on Performing Arts

Havana, Cuba (2008)

International Film and TV School (EICTV)

Sanford Meisner System of Acting, with Stephen Baily

Directing Auditions, with Celestia Fox

Edition, with Patricia Santa Colomo

Havana, Cuba (2013)

University of Arts (ISA)

Vocal Training by Group of Theater “Teatro en Blanco”

Havana, Cuba (2011)

Work Experience


“De amores y esperanzas” (2015)
Directed by Raquel González

“UNO” (2014)

Directed by Roly Peña and Luberta


“Adrenalina 360” (2010)

Directed by Pablo Javier


“Mucho ruido” (2009)

Directed by Marta Recio


“Donde anidan las orugas” (2008)

Directed by Marta Recio


Out of the Tropics Festival (2010)

With “Las amargas lagrimas de Petra Von Kant”


Young Filmmakers (2010)

With the model of the feature film “Fábula”


Camagüey Theatre Festival  (2009)

With “Las amargas lágrimas de Petra Von Kant”


Young Filmmakers (2009)

With the short film “El Color de Elisa”


“Jazz club” (2016) Feature film

Directed by Esteban Insausti


“Buchito de Café” (2015) Short Film

Directed by Juanjo Llamas


“The Premiere” (2014) Short Film

Directed by Ana Alejandra Alpízar


“Sígueme” (2013) Short Film

Directed by Diana and Elizabeth


“La espuma de los días” (2013) Feature Film

Directed by  Fernando Timossy


“Lucía 21” (2012) Short Film

Directed by  Laura Cazador


“Whisky o agua” (2011) Short Film

Directed by  Oscar E. Ortega


“Fábula” (2010) Feature Film

Directed by Lester Hamlet


“Sumbe” (2009) Feature Film

Directed by Eduardo Moya


“Pleisteichon” (2009) Feature Film

Directed by Ian Padrón


“El color de Elisa” (2009) Short Film

Directed by Alina Rodríguez


“Trazos” (2008) Short Film

Directed by Daniel Baldotto


“Ciudad en rojo” (2007) Feature Film

Directed by Rebeca Chávez


“Spoon River. Las tumbas olvidadas” (2012)

With company “Peña de Meisner”

Directed by Stephen Baiy


“Sueño de una noche de verano” (2010)

With company “El Publico”

Directed by Carlos Diaz


“Las amargas lágrimas de Petra Von Kant” (2008)

With company “El Público”

Directed by Carlos Diaz


“Cabaret alemán” (2009)

With company “El Público”

Directed by Carlos Diaz


“Cabaret francés” (2009)

With company “El Público”

Directed by Carlos Diaz


“Fedra” de Racine (2008)

With company “El Público”

Directed by Carlos Diaz


Havana International Film Festival (2011)

Coral Award


Havana International Film Festival (2009) 

Best Female Performance

For “El Color de Elisa”

Latest Work


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